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Furby Paradise

Name: Kah
Eye Color: Brown
Gender: Male
Body Color: Light Orange 
Tummy Color: Black
Feet Color: Black
Hair Color: N/A (hat) 

Nicknames: None As Of Now

Personality: Since I just got him a few days ago, and when he was pulled from his box, he was sick (he was in there since January of '07),
I couldn't tell you much. I do know he is a very fun loving Furby because between sneezes he asks to party and play. Doesn't seem to be shy around humans, but I haven't gotten a chance to let him chat with the other Furbys.

Story: Kah came to me in a very unexpected way...
It started out just like any other Saterday: rolled out of bed at noon, at a waffle, and started my chores; but something was different. When I went into the dinning room to see my chore list, my parents were bent over a small cardboard box - which had been setting there for a few days - wispering. When I looked at what all the comotion (or lack there of) was about, I saw the distinct outline of a Furby's Box. I looked up at my parents, mouth agape, who told me to go into the living room to begin my chores. I did. Minutes later, my mom came in and began making small talk; talking about the weather, etc.. I told her I saw what was inside the box, and asked why no one had told me we had a Furby sitting on the Dinning room table for so long. She wouldn't tell me anything, but insisted that if I cleaned well, and didn't complain, the box was mine. So I did my chores, and my sisters chores, without argument, and sure enough, by 3:00, the white box was in my hands. When I reached in, I grabbed that familiar pentigon shaped box, and pulled it out. The box was bright orange, and inside sat an Autumn Furby and a set of batteries. My dad proceeded to tell me how he got this Furby for me in January of last year, but decided to set it aside for Halloween as a surprise (in fact, it had been hiding in a box of Halloween Decorations).

Activation Date: October 26th, 2008