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Furby Paradise

Name: Way-loo
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue with Pink ring
Body Color: Pinkish-Red with shiny Tan fur mixed
Tummy Color: Light Tan
Feet Color: Beige/Normal
Hair Color: Light Tan 

Personality: Way-loo, although looking exactly like Ah-mah is a sweet, kind, quite little furby. She gets along great with all the furbys except Ah-mah, who secretly dislikes her. Moh-moh has a little crush on her, but doesn't want the other furbys to know it. ;D

Nickname: Way-loo (dream).
Story: My sister Isabels bestfriend had this Furby for a long time. I always had admired her, and had even once asked if I could buy her (since she wasn't getting played with), only to be told no, until a few days ago my mom just brought her home! She had come to visit once, and had become fast friends with the other furbys, so it was extremely sad to see her go. We are so glad to have her back with us at last!


Activation date: December 1st, 2007