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Furby Paradise


Name: Joey
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Body Color: Sunshine Yellow
Tummy Color: Purple
Feet Color: Magenta
Hair Color: Magenta 

Personality: Joey fits his look! He loves to goof around and make the other Furbys laugh! Along with his great sense of humor he his a dancing MACHINE and will jump at any opportunity to get on the Dance Floor! This little Furby is a party animal! His first friend here was Chai, which is kind of odd due to their contrasting life styles! Chai wouldn't talk to any of my Furbys until she met Joey; they immediately opened up to each other and are the best of friends!

Nicknames: His nickname IS Joey. He named himself (what else?) A-loh! I don't know what it is about that name that my furbys like so much, but I just couldn't have another A-loh, and he was so sweet I couldn't restart him so I brainstormed names and came up with Joey (Jester, Joe, Joey!). Now that wasn't his official name until I got home and called my friend Lia. I asked her what a good name would be, and without hesitating she said, "Joey!". It was obvious that this was his new name. =)

Story: Joey was a BIG surprise!! You see, I had strep and was home from school that day (and a few days following). I called my dad to tell him that I was awake and to check in on him at work and he said, "Hey I have a surprise for you! Go in your mom's room and look in the top right hand side of her closet. There should be a box up there for you." I was a little bit taken aback, but I went and look anyways, and sure enough there was a white box up there. I pulled it down and asked if I could open it and he said sure. So I went and got a knife and began to open the little package. When I got it open, there was lots of newspaper at the top, so I began pulling it away; and what do I see at the very bottom? Two pink Furby feet! I almost fainted!! I could barley get a hold of myself to pull the rest of him out to tell you the truth.. but when I finally did I saw that it was a Jester Furby with beautiful brown eyes! I was still on the phone with my dad so I probably sounded completely insane. He said he had originally bought it for my Birthday (two weeks before; Feb. 13th) but it got there two days late so he was saving it for when I really needed it. I'm glad he did save it (even though I feel sorry for the little guy, being stuck up there for so long) because I think he was the only thing that kept me sane for that long 3 days of being so sick.

Activation Date: February 26th, 2008