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Furby Paradise


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Name: Chai
Eye Color: Green
Body Color: Chai/Coffee Brown
Tummy Color: Soft Brown
Feet Color: Milk Chocolate
Hair Color: White

Nicknames: Chai is her nickname for two reasons. 1) She named herself A-loh (a very popular name among my Furbys) and I can't have another. 2) Her body color reminds me of the Coffee drink, Chai.

Personality: Chai is an elegant Furby. She loves peace and harmony, which of course draws her to Coffee houses! She dreams of someday going to Paris. Her first friend in the house was Joey; an odd pair.

Story: There is not much of a story behind Chai. I was just longing for another Furby and searching through ebay for the perfect fit when I saw her. She had the prettiest Green eyes, and her white hair stood out so well against her fur. I went and had a look and saw that she was not expensive and only had one bid, so.. vuala! I waited quite a while for her, but it was worth it! She also came with 4 other Furby toys: A Furby Buddy, 2 McDonald's, and a 2005 Burgerking toy (which are a first all the way around).

Actv. Date: Feb 19th, 2008