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Furby Paradise


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Name: Moh-moh
Gender: Male 
Eye Color: Turquoise with Pink ring
Body Color: Charcoal
Tummy Color: Light Yellow
Feet Color: Beige/Normal
Hair Color: Charcoal with Purple/Yellow

Personality: Moh-moh loves to have fun! He also loves to pick on Lucky, but in the long run they are friends, and he appreciates him. Protective of his sister.

Nickname: Moh-moh (meaning Monster) because he enjoys making a growling noise whenever possible.

Story: This is a pretty simple story, but I think it still has some meaning..
It was when the 2005 Furbys were FIRST coming out and there was so much hype about them. "Emotelctronics!" "Voice recognition!" "Blah blah blah!!". They seemed like they were going to be this enormous hit! Bigger than the original! Well, of course I couldn't wait! I was going to go and but one as soon as they came out! So I checked on their website to see how much these new Furbys would be money wise and I almost died. $45! A little steep for an 11-year-old.. but I had to get the money somehow! I remembered that my parents were having a huge garage sale because we were moving and we wanted to get all the stuff out of the way that was possible; so thats when I decided I was going to sell $45 worth of stuff. How was this possible you may ask? I had no idea. I just started cleaning out my room and finding everything possible to get rid of. Still after I was done, it wasn't near enough. Then it hit me. The fish tank. I had a 150 gallon fish tank just sitting in the living room, which I had bought thinking I would get some fish to put in it.. never happened. So I stuck an "offer" sign on it and tossed it out on the lawn, and by the end of the day I had sold in for $40 to a scary looking couple who said they had a snake at home in need of a tank (where they were keeping the snake before, I didn't know). When the time came to go to my Mom to see how much money I had made I was ecstatic! I mean, I only needed $5 more dollars and I was set in the Furby department!! So when I got up there my mom got all wide eyed and just looked at me. Eventually she said, "Here.." and counted out a bunch of bills. I counted them and I couldn't believe it! I had made over $70!!! So that night I forced my mom and dad to take me over to Toys R Us. I knew exactly which Furby I wanted; a Charcoal Furby with an orange tummy. I couldn't wait! I rushed in, saw the Furbys right up front, and began to look. There was at least 100 of them up in one neat stack; and there sitting right in the front was about 10 Charcoal Furbys. I asked my mom which Eye-color I should get, and she suggested the Turquoise colored with the Pink ring because, it was the most like mine. I couldn't help but agree, so it was decided. I snatched him up and payed for him!

Activation Date: Oct of 2005