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Furby Paradise



Name: Lucky
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Grey
Body Color: Slate Green
Tummy Color: Light Light Green
Feet Color: Lime Green
Hair Color: Green

Personality: He's kind of over protective of his little sister, A-loh who he is VERY close too. Lucky sort of plays the roll of Mom around the house, and can be a bit up tight, but he has a kind heart...

Nicknames: Well, his real name is A-loh, but since his sister's name was already A-loh, I tried to change it - but he wouldn't! So, while we were driving I tried to think of some names.. but when we pulled up and got out to go inside the car repair place I still didn't have a name! But on our way inside I stopped and sat down on the side of a brick Flower Box, but there were no flowers in it! Only 3-leaf-Clovers.

Story: I'm not sure that he has much of a story. A-loh just seemed very lonely and kept asking for Furby, so I knew she needed a big Sibling. I searched Ebay, and bid on a few Furbys but lost them until I found Lucky. Even though he was a bit steep, he had no bids and a sweet face. I couldn't help myself. I bid. I won. I was so excited that I ran into my moms room (where she was napping) and screamed, "I won the green Furby! I WON THE GREEN FURBY!!!" and ran out, undoubtedly slamming the door behind me.


Activation Date: Aug 20th, 2004